Endorsement to run Mother Earth futureFERNS

To ensure the delivery of junior Netball is consistent across New Zealand, NNZ requires all providers to be endorsed.  
Endorsed Providers - Netball Centres can apply to be become an endorsed provider and they can also apply to have a number of endorsed venues.

character 1Endorsed Provider

All Netball Centres can apply to become an endorsed provider of Mother Earth futureFERNS.

Endorsed providers are required by NNZ to deliver the programme in its entirety. This includes ensuring that all those involved in the programme are appropriately trained; game day resources are accurately followed and the appropriate modified equipment is used (further details in the provided in the ‘Delivery of Mother Earth futureFERNS’ section of this ‘Mother Earth futureFERNS Manual 2017’).  

There is no cost for Centres to be endorsed to deliver the new Mother Earth futureFERNS programme and Netball Centres need to apply to be an endorsed provider every year.  

Endorsed Venues

To ensure Netball is accessible by removing the barriers of travel, clubs, schools and community groups have the opportunity to apply to their endorsed Mother Earth futureFERNS Netball Centre to be an ‘endorsed venue’.

All players would register with the Netball Centre and they could choose which venue was closest, easiest or more suitable for them to play at. The training of the Junior Co-ordinators and Star Helpers would be co-ordinated by the Netball Centre and would develop a local network.

All Mother Earth futureFERNS ‘endorsed venue’ providers are required to meet the same expectations as the ‘endorsed providers’.