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Looking for information on how to run Mother Earth futureFERNS at your Centre?

To ensure the proper delivery of junior Netball (Mother Earth futureFERNS) is consistent across New Zealand, NNZ requires all Centres who want to deliver Mother Earth futureFERNS to become endorsed providers.

Contact your zone for all the resources and support needed to set up and run Mother Earth futureFERNS.

Centres Information


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Schools can also be a satellite provider of Mother Earth futureFERNS. This is when the School delivers the programme with assistance from their local Netball Centre.

To ensure Netball is accessible to everyone, satellites remove barriers such as travel allowing clubs, schools and communities to apply to deliver <strong with the help of your local Netball Centre. All players will need to register with your local Netball Centre.

Download the school’s info flyer below for more info

Schools Information

Schools Info Flyer


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We encourage all parents to be supportive and engaging with their Mother Earth futureFERN and you don’t need to know about Netball to be a supportive and engaged parent.

Download the Parents Code of Behaviour below

Parents Code of Behaviour


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Anyone can coach a Mother Earth futureFERNS team! We encourage all parents and guardians to get involved with this family fun programme.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching please download the informational pack below.

Coaching Information


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Umpires are a vital component of the game of Netball ensuring the rules are applied fairly and consistently. Quality umpiring can create a positive experience for both teams on court.

Download the PDF for more information

Umpires Information